Veteran's Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Parkway
PO BOX 591
Dixon, Illinois 61021

Countdown to Veterans Day
Witticisms of Reagan
"Of the four wars in my lifetime none came about because the U.S. was too strong."

- Ronald Reagan,
Native Son & Veteran


Current events

When building the Veterans memorial park, the park commission hoped that the different veteranís organizations would hold their ceremonies at the newly constructed facility.  To our pleasure, more and more events are being held at our park.

            The park has been host to burials of veteran servicemen as well as Memorial Day services, Veterans Day services, Flag Day services and the Viet Now annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony to bring attention to the plight of families of unaccounted serviceman and women.

            Plans are being made to provide amiable parking for the large crowds and visitors who attend these ceremonies.

            We ask that you have patience and understanding for the time it takes to accomplish these goals.  Thank you for your extended support.